Barnwood…It’s Not Just for Western Decor

Barnwood sofa tablesDo an image search on a stock photography site or Google “barnwood”, and the majority of the pictures returned to you are rustic images of cowboys, horses, and other Western items against a barn backdrop.  This is an association born of history; barns have housed horses, livestock, and farm equipment for centuries.  They have been central to the Western way of life.

In this modern day in age, where the range of home décor encompasses everything from primitive to ultra-modern, barn wood furniture is very versatile.  Reclaimed lumber is commonly found in homes with a Western theme, but its rustic character and sturdy features can even complement contemporary homes.

A piece such as the Black Mountain Barnwood Sofa Table is the perfect example of that versatility.  Its simple lines allow the rustic character of the reclaimed planks to resonate with admirers.  The well-worn grooves, knots, and nail holes only add to the individuality of each table.  No two are ever the same.  This wood is a perfect complement to a log home and a stark contrast to the hard metal and glass elements in a contemporary home.  Open your mind to the possibilities of reclaimed barnwood furniture.

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