Into the Big Wide-Open

Big and Wide Dining TablesLog homes are breathtakingly beautiful.  Full log craftsmanship is a feast for the eyes and the natural beauty of the wood is food for the soul.  These are structures that are vast works of art, masterpieces that are standing alone like a studio show on display.

Some of the most awesome features of log homes are found within its walls.  The high, vaulted ceilings and open floor plans combine to punctuate the reality of being very small in a big wide-open space.  I remember being in Alaska, revering the mountains and forests around me, and having that same feeling.  It helps to put things in perspective and truly respect the natural wonder around you.

While all of this rustic beauty is a wonderful thing, if it’s your home you also want to make it cozy and welcoming for your family.  Living in a home that has log walls, wood floors, and post-and-beam ceilings means that the natural grain of wood is a recurring theme that carries throughout the entire open space of the living area.  You can still enjoy the natural goodness of wood in your furniture, but consider a different look and feel that can break up the expanse of the space.  Reclaimed Barnwood furniture such as the Riverwoods dining room collection, pictured above, still offers the stability and durability of quality wood furniture but with a much different look and feel than the rest of the décor.  The darker color and angular lines of Barnwood furniture provides a stark contrast to the rounded, hand-peeled logs.  The hefty timber legs and framing of Barnwood furniture balances it against the big space and allows it to make a statement of its own.  Incorporate some pieces with colorful padded fabric seats to further brighten and soften the big wide-open space.  Furnishing a log home can be a bit of a challenge, but keeping all furnishings in perspective with the space you will beam with pride and delight every time you walk in the door.

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