How Much Wood is Too Much?

Coffee tables with a woodsy charmYou’ve seen it before, the breathtaking natural beauty of a log or timber home.  Or, perhaps you are one of the lucky ones who gets to catch your breath every morning because you wake up wrapped in the interior of your own log home.  They are the stuff that dreams are made of.  No matter the complexity of their architecture, they take us back to a much simpler time when our forefathers walked into the forest, cut down select trees, and used them to handcraft the family home and build dreams of a better life.

Today, most log homes are works of architectural art.  They stand tall with grand entryways and lofty ceilings, bare beams and walls exposed.  Everywhere you look, the bounty from Mother Nature’s forests is displayed.  Timber walls, the peeled trunks of entire trees, log bannisters, post-and-beam construction; all of that rustic wood grain is a feast for the eyes.  But, can there be too much wood in one house?

It’s all a matter of taste, really.  Some folks opt to incorporate some more traditional wall coverings in their log homes so they can add paint treatments and not be overcome by woodsy goodness.  Others can’t get enough.  Either way, the wood furniture can accentuate the wood theme but yet provide some unique visual interest.  A piece like the Country Roads Coffee Table introduces a different look and feel while still contributing to the wood theme.  Reclaimed Barnwood makes up the better part of this table, but the trim accents definitely set it apart from other wood furnishings.  So, go ahead and create an indoor woodscape with rustic timber accents.  You can never have too much of a good thing.

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