A Fun Night In

It's fun to sit on bar stools and talk with a friendSpring is coming!  Such an exciting time of year, when the woes of winter get us down and we long for a the season to change.  The first robin sightings here bring about a flurry of anticipation.  When Mother Nature sends her messenger birds, we know that warmer weather and green grass is right around the corner.

Waiting for warm nights that are suitable for outdoor activities can seem to take a decade.  In the interim, finding something to do with the friends and neighbors usually involves being in the house after the sun goes down and the chill sets in.  The question becomes whether to involve dinner? Or drinks? Or games? Or even movies?

What if you didn’t have to narrow it down?  What if all the options were on the table?  Enjoy a night of fun with the friends and neighbors, all within the comfort of your own home.  With the Cottage Barnwood line of reclaimed furniture, you can relax into rustic style of Barnwood and laugh your way into the evening.  Enjoy a rousing game of billiards, lean into the bar with a glass or wine, grab a comfy seat on a Wyoming Reclaimed Barnwood Barstools, and take it all in.  Summer will be here soon.

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