Teak is a Diamond’s Best Friend

Tinder boxes keep your precious stuff safe“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”  That is a phrase we often hear, particularly at the gift-giving times of year like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and birthdays.  There is no other gem so precious and sought after than an authentic diamond.  Prized for their hardness and clarity, they come in many shapes, sizes, and colors.  Give diamond jewelry to a lady in your life and watch her light up and giggle with glee.

Something so precious must be kept in safe quarters.  If diamonds are not worn on a steady basis, like wedding rings typically are, the jewelry must be stowed away in something deserving of a diamond’s value.  Unless you decide to keep your jewels in a safe, there is nothing more fitting for a precious gem than a box made from wood that is treasured, not unlike a diamond, for its hardness and durability.

Teak is a wood that is known for its dense grain and durability.  Naturally-occurring oils in the teak tree make it naturally resistant to insects and damage.  Its hardness allows it to withstand very long periods of exposure without the addition of sealant or varnish.  These characteristics make the GroovyStuff Teak Tinder Boxes a perfect companion for diamond jewelry.  Just pop the top off the box, drop your treasured ring or precious earrings into its interior, replace the lid, and admire Mother Nature’s creations.

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