Office Upgrade

Desks are central to any officeThe title of this post may cause you to assume I’m writing about the new release of Microsoft’s Office 365.  While that might be a worthy subject, and something to consider as an upgrade for your home computer, I’m going to talk more about the other hardware in your office.  Namely, the desk.

The desk is the centerpiece of an office.  It is your primary work surface, home to your computer, task light, and perhaps a peripheral or two.  Important files occupy its drawers, and your favorite pens and pencils lie at a moment’s grasp in the top compartments.  You sit in a chair behind it and visitors are seated in chairs in front of it.  Meetings take place over it and fingers are thoughtfully drummed on it.  Yes, your office desk is very important.

Because of its importance, you should not skimp on its quality or appearance.  This is a piece of furniture around which many hours are spent and great ideas are wrought.  If you have a so-so desk that lacks character and inspiration…don’t wait, upgrade today!  The Weathered Timber Executive Desk is crafted from recycled Barnwood, priced for small business budgets at an affordable $1,642, and is built to weather a corporate storm.  The rustic surface emits a plethora of character, thanks to years spent weathering Mother Nature’s elements.  It is a perfect piece from which to gather inspiration for even the most mundane of office tasks.

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