Love is in the Chair

Love is in these loveseatsFebruary is the month of love. Not that we shouldn’t love our family, our friends, our kids and our spouse every month of the year, but in February we actually celebrate it.  Valentine’s Day is a holiday that some people absolutely love, while others completely despise.  A blockbuster movie about that very day and that very sentiment was released a couple of years ago.

Many expectations surround the Valentine’s Day holiday.  If there is someone special in your life, the popular belief is that you buy a special gift for him or her.  Traditionally, that comes in the way of chocolates or flowers.  In 2012, almost 200 million roses were sold and approximately 1 billion boxes of chocolates were purchased on or near February 14th.  Even children join in the fun, exchanging fun little cards and packets of candy hearts.

As popular as the traditional gifts are, some people prefer to receive a more unique gift.  After all, chocolate goes straight to the thighs and cut flowers eventually die and have to be thrown away.  Give a gift that comes from the heart and keeps on giving!  Nothing says “I love you” more than a cozy little loveseat that exudes rustic charm and promises warm days and nights of cuddling together in barnwood furniture.

The Aspen Mountain Log Loveseat is the perfect solution.  Available as seen above and in an extra gnarly version, with many pattern choices for cushion covers, this log chair will thrill and delight the special person in your life.  Best of all, he or she won’t have to spend extra time on the treadmill to burn it off or shed a tear when the rosebuds are finally relinquished to the wastebasket.  This loveseat is a gift that truly keeps on giving.

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