A Bin with a Purpose

Clothes hampers are handy in the bathroomChange is difficult.  Whether it’s one that is positive or a change that is not such a happy occasion, it is inevitable.  Some people deal with it better than others; change happens more for some folks than others.  Those who view the process positively have more success in emerging happy and seemingly unscathed.  On the flip side, a negative attitude towards the process will undoubtedly result in a less-than-desirable outcome.

Our house is in a turmoil of change right now.  After 18 months of living in our home, we finally have the funds and opportunity to finish our basement.  It is an exciting time, knowing how pleasant it will be to have the additional family room and storage for toys once the remodel is complete.  However, in the meantime, it is quite inconvenient.

Because we were using our entire basement as a storage area before we decided to finish it, we have had to move everything from the space to a different part of the house so the workers can have ready access.  One of the biggest bummers for me is losing my parking space in the garage.  Where once my car escaped the cold and winter weather conditions, now a futon and a disassembled queen-sized bed are finding their temporary home.

I also realize that I am going to have to make some concessions once the remodel is complete.  I currently use the basement stairs as a holding facility for potatoes, squash, and onions.

Obviously, I won’t have this luxury once they are covered with carpet.  I must find a bin or basket in which to store my produce.

The perfect candidate for this task is the Wyoming Reclaimed Barnwood Clothes Hamper.  The character of the Barnwood is rustic, much like the décor I plan for the downstairs living space.  The size of the bin is perfect for storing many different kinds of produce in a footprint small enough to be unobtrusive to the traffic up and down the stairs.  Contents are hidden away under a hinged top lid, yet easily accessible when I need a potato or onion.  Even though this bin is labeled as a clothes hamper, using it as a produce bin is not a better, but equally as useful, purpose.

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