The Decor Debacle

Coffee tables with lots of storage utilityDecorating a home consists of making many decisions.  If it is a big open space like a basement, you have to figure out where to build walls, the purpose of the space, and how the layout will best serve your needs.  Once that is determined, there are decisions to make about the types of materials used to cover the walls, floors, and ceilings.  Not to mention the paint and trim colors, light fixtures, and general look and feel of the space.  The entire design process can be quite overwhelming.

A friend of mine is currently in the middle of making some of these decisions.  She has a blank slate and the options are limitless.  One of the beautiful things about the internet is the ability to look at so many different ideas but can also confuse the process.  My friend had a visual in mind for her space but after consulting Google, she found herself debating other styles of décor.  Her typical taste for rustic country style was giving way to the clean and simple lines of contemporary furnishings.

If you find yourself in a decor debacle like my friend, consider combining the styles that you like.  Barnwood furniture is timeless and brings with it an endless amount of character that pairs well with nearly any other style. The Autumn Comfort Barnwood Square Coffee Table is a perfect piece of furniture for my friend’s space, and it’s only $959.70.  Made from rough-cut alder wood, this table has been aged to display the appearance of reclaimed Barnwood.  It is rugged and durable, able to withstand the rigors of an active family.  The sizable top is perfect for holding the popcorn bowl and drinks on movie night or providing ample playing space on family game night.  Finally, the drawers open up to store board games, DVDs, magazines, or any other items you wish to have readily accessible but out of sight.  This table is a perfect solution for any space, no matter the style of decor.

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