The Basement Conundrum

High quality bunk bedsTo finish or not to finish, that is the question.  I am talking about the basement of a home, of course.  If you happen to move into a home that already has a finished basement, you don’t have to worry about coming up with an answer to that question.  However, in the case of a house with a bare bottom level, you have limitless options in creating your own basement oasis.

We purchased our home brand-new and our basement is currently one big wide open expanse of concrete floors and walls.  We have asked ourselves “the question” and talked about the option of installing carpet and drywall.  Our conversation always stalls when we have to decide on a layout for the space.  We want to use that area of the house for several different purposes, but our space is very limited.

When talking about providing a big impact in a small area, multipurpose furniture provides a plethora of value.  Use a dresser with several drawers for storage space and a sturdy top that can easily hold a television and electronic accessories.  A desk can used for writing letters and cards and double its duty as a crafting and sewing center.  A bunk bed such as the Wyoming Reclaimed Barnwood Twin Over Full Bunk Bed provides two levels of sleeping accommodations while the bottom bunk invites basement occupants to sit and play a round of cards on its flat surface, all for $3,510.00!  By using reclaimed wood furniture for more than one purpose, your basement becomes a haven for several activities in its limited square footage.  Happy finishing!

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