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Simple yet beautiful vanitiesWhen it comes to shopping, I wear a coat of many colors.  If it’s clothes I’m shopping for, usually about one or two hours’ worth of trying on clothes and finding the few pieces that fit and are priced right is all I can stand.  I only like to visit the stores that have all the styles out in plain sight, not the ones where you have to dig around on the racks to find something you want.  Most would consider my husband to be a lucky man because of my lack of desire to go clothes shopping.

However, I love to visit antique and vintage stores to dig around and find “treasures”.  A friend and I recently spent an afternoon doing just that.  Scouting around those stores and using my right brain creativity to devise new and unexpected uses for old “junk” is fun for me, and it’s the kind of shopping I’d much rather spend my time doing.  So…maybe my husband isn’t so lucky after all.

On our last trip, my friend was searching for an old dresser that she could repurpose as a bathroom vanity.  This seems to be a popular practice lately, no doubt fueled by the creativity that is shared on social media sites like Pinterest.  If you like the look of vintage or rustic decor in your home, but don’t like to spend time shopping for the “perfect” dresser to use (like I dislike clothes shopping), make it easy by shopping online for a finished vanity with all of your desired qualities.  The Cottage Barnwood 30 inch Vanity is a small but mighty piece of rustic bathroom furniture, discounted at $739.00.  It is made of rough-cut timber and displays the character of centuries-old wood.  The Formica countertop is customizable to your personal taste.  Drop a hammered copper sink kit into the sink position of your choice and you have a beautiful rustic element for your bathroom.  Shopping made easy and the free delivery to your front door is even easier!

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