More Value in Multitasking

Bookcases can help you handle your office betterDuring this period of economic downturn, consumers are looking for purchases that provide more bang for their buck.  Saving money is trendy.  Couponing is cool.  Hybrid and fuel efficient cars are in increasingly higher demand.  Do-it-yourself is a popular alternative to simply purchasing finished products.

From syndicated television shows to social media websites, upcycling or recycling various items into home décor is all the rage.  Time after time, I have seen shows on HGTV that use this philosophy.  Just this morning, at a local coffee shop, I set my beverage on a little table made from lengths of 2x4s bound together with iron straps and covered in a thick epoxy coating.

It only makes sense, then, to rescue wood from aged structures doomed for demolition and incorporate it into new construction.  When reclaimed lumber is transformed into a beautiful and useful piece of furniture, it finds a new life.  And, when that piece can be used for multiple purposes, its value in a home is priceless.  The Country Roads Reclaimed Wood 2 Piece Bookcase is one of such pieces.  Using wood reclaimed from structures such as barns, churches, and schoolhouses, Idaho Wood Shop has created a piece that is quite a multitasker.  Named as a bookcase, it can also easily find life as a buffet and hutch, armoire, or dresser with display area.  The three shelves in the top piece are fully adjustable to accommodate many different purposes.  For the affordable price of $1,315, this multitasking bookshelf is shipped free to your doorstep.  The only difficult decision here is how you are going to use this beauty once it arrives at your home.

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