Whet Your Wassail

Share pub tables with friendsThere is just something about the Christmas season that puts a lilt in your step and a song in your heart.  We begin listening to and singing along with Christmas carols as small children, and there is something so exciting about hearing them played on the radio every December.  Some of the carols were written so very long ago and have survived the test of time, proving that Christmas never goes out of style.

The lyrics to those aged carols are sometimes very odd-sounding to our modern ears.  When the song was written, the lyrics probably reflected mainstream language at that time, but make little sense to us many years later.  One of those carols is actually “Here We Go A-Wassailing”.  What does that even mean?

Wikipedia describes the practice as a celebration of the current year’s harvest and a way  of protecting the remnant of the year’s crop and to bless the same ground with an abundance for the following year.  The perfect place to indulge in a modern-day version of wassailing is to gather around the rustic Whiskey Barrel Pub Table with mugs of steamy spiced cider.  This barrel is an actual whiskey barrel with wrought iron trim and a handcrafted tabletop.  For gathering round, singing Christmas carols and enjoying great times with even better friends, look no further than the Rustic Whiskey Barrel Pub Table for only $1,299.00.  Happy Holidays!

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