Stocking Stuffers for the Rustic Furniture Lover

Give your friends the gift of getting their own rustic furnitureBuying Christmas gifts can be a hectic experience.  I have a tendency to shop hurriedly at the last minute.  It is never my intention, but it seems that every Christmas season fills with endless activities and never enough time.

It is not ideal to be in a hurry to buy thoughtful gifts.  I like to carefully select presents that will create delighted expressions on the faces of the recipients.  However, when hurrying to create and fill my gift list, it is difficult to put a lot of thought into each and every one.  And, inevitably every year, I either forget to get a gift for someone or I’m left clueless as to what to buy for someone on my gift list.

If you are purchasing a gift for someone who loves rustic furniture, your shopping trip can be very quick and easy.  A gift certificate for JHE’s Log Furniture Place allows your recipient to choose a piece of furniture of their liking from a website, and it will ship for free to their front doorstep.  Some may argue that gift cards are impersonal and without thoughtfulness, but I would argue to the opposite.  What better way to honor your loved one’s great taste for rustic furniture by giving them the gift of making their own choice that suits their home and collection?  The JHE’s gift card is perfect as a stocking stuffer, or wrap it up in a bigger box and put it under the tree.

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