House Divided

These dividers offer an artistic design and a solid colorDivision is a word with many meanings.  It can relate to those long division math problems that used to give me the shivers in high school.  It may be a word to denote the differences in groups of people.  Division can relate to a department or division within a larger company.  The breaking up of a large space or group into smaller parts is also known as division.

My home is divided.  No, we don’t have a wall down the middle to keep my husband and I separated.  Rather, the members of our household do not all cheer for the same state university athletic programs.  I cheer for the Cyclones and my husband is a Hawkeye fan.  We are each working on our boys, trying to sway them over to one side or another.  It’s an ongoing competition at our house.

A friendly and beneficial way to divide a house is by the use of room dividers.  These simple pieces work to visually and functionally add a transition from one part of the room to the other.  Dividers come in many different shapes and sizes.  The HMI Cow Girls Divider is a piece of artwork that provides a visually pleasing aesthetic to a large room.  The hand-painted finish lends a simple, rustic flair to the painting and the crackle finish instantly gives an aged appearance.  If the artwork is becoming overwhelming, turn the screen around to enjoy a simple solid color.  At the size of 63” x 71” and four readjust able panels, this $450 piece of rustic decor offers a multitude of options for display.

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