DIY…or Don’t

Get DIY dining tables for yourselfI, like many other people, have developed a love affair with the social media site “Pinterest”.  Whenever I am looking for ideas, creative inspiration, recipes, or even useless information, I log into my account to see what I can find.  The site never disappoints.

One of the neat things about Pinterest is the ability to easily see through brightly colored images what your friends have been pinning, as well as what is trending from other pinners.  If you happen to visit the site to look for recipes, you may leave with a plan to make a decorative piece for  your home.  The inspiration is endless (and at no cost!) on Pinterest, which is the main reason it has become so wildly popular.

Recently I found a trending pin that looked very familiar.  It is a plan to make your very own farmhouse dining table.  The finished product is very similar in appearance to the Riverwoods reclaimed Barnwood dining table.  The blog that generated the plan makes the construction of this table sound very easy.  Cutting a few boards, throwing some stain on, glue a joint here and add some screws there, and you have the finished product.  However, in actuality DIY projects can be very time-consuming and difficult to achieve.  If you desire to add a rustic dining table to your home, the $1300 price tag for the Riverwoods table, constructed entirely of timber that has been salvaged from old barns, may cost you more money but save you a lot of time and hassle.  The choice is yours…do it yourself or just pay for peace of mind and delivery to your door.

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