Trunk Full of Hope

Easy storage with antique chestsWith the passing of Thanksgiving and the beginning of the Christmas season, holiday shopping is hitting a high for the year.  Black Friday is now creeping into Thanksgiving day and shoppers wait in long lines to fight the crowds for unheard-of deals.  Waves of sales take place and circulars abound.

Bringing those carloads of gifts home and finding hiding places for them can almost be as challenging as elbowing the other shoppers in order to pick up your treasures.  Stashing them away until you have a chance to wrap them requires some finesse.  Curious children and sneaky spouses may go in search of their presents and you certainly don’t want their search to prove fruitful.

A large, heavy chest may be a conspicuous place to hide Christmas gifts, but it’s also quite effective.  The Autumn Comfort Rustic Hope Chest is a beautiful $849.00 relic, constructed entirely of rough-cut alder wood and antiqued to give it an aged appearance.  Not only does it feature a spacious main storage area, but also offers drawer space at the bottom of the chest.  If you feel so inclined, you can outfit this chest with a hasp and lock so investigators reach a dead end.  Once the Christmas season is over, this handsome hope chest can be used for storing toys or blankets or hopes and dreams.  It is a perfect year-round storage solution.

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