Motor Into Winter

Realistic Wood MotorcyclesI love living in an area that has four distinct seasons, but there are some definite disadvantages to fall and winter.  One, as the days wear on the days turn cold and dark and any available daylight hours seem to be swallowed up by workdays.  Second, for an outdoor person like me who enjoys being warm, the options for outdoor activities quickly become very limited.

Particularly before having children, my husband and I enjoyed the carefree life of a motorcycle couple.  We would escape the grind of work and city, escaping to the rural scenery on the weekends riding atop our Harley Davidson.  Usually we would meet some friends and plan a ride that would include a lunch stop and typically an ice cream break sometime in the afternoon.

Wintertime is not an ideal time to be on a motorcycle.  Subtract 20 degrees from the outside temperature and you have the equivalent wind chill on the seat of the bike.  When the snow flies, the motorcycle is better off in a garage with a trickle charger feeding the battery.

If you are someone who loves both motorcycles and rustic furniture, the Groovy Stuff Teak Wood Motorcycle is definitely for you.  This hand-carved model of a two-wheeled cruiser is so detailed that you can’t help but smile at the thought of climbing on an iron horse, even when the snow is flying.  This model would be an excellent Christmas gift for the motorcycle enthusiast in your life.  For the price of only $29.00, you could supply an entire motorcycle gang for Christmas.  Roll on‼

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