Even Rifles Like It Rustic

Keep up to 12 in each of these Gun CabinetsMy husband’s blood starts to simmer this time of year, heating to a rolling boil come the second week of December.  Deer hunting season is a big deal in Iowa, and hunters start early with planning and spotting and shopping for their one or two weeks of glory.  Depending on the type of game that an individual is in pursuit of, and the manner in which they obtain it, hunting season can last for several months.

Of course, most hunters have an array of rifles and guns they use to kill their prey.  My husband customarily only hunts for 10 days a year, but for some reason he thinks he needs three or four guns for that week and a half.  Perhaps guns affect some men like shoes affect some women; the ones you have never seem to be quite right for the occasion.

If you have a gun enthusiast in your home that is working on his or her own collection, the Texas Rustic Pine 12 Rifle Gun Cabinet is a visually appealing way to organize, store, and display firearms.  Handcrafted from solid white pine barn wood, this oversized cabinet easily holds twelve rifles.  Four storage doors are found below the windowed doors, perfect for stashing away shells and other hunting supplies.  I can almost visualize the treasured trophies mounted on each side of this rustic beauty.

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