Deck the Rustic Halls

Deck the halls with art prints!For those who love the holidays, Christmastime is a joyous season for transforming the décor of an entire home into a holiday wonderland.  Santa and snowman collections are in full force; red and green decorations dominate the scene.  No nook or cranny is left untouched by holiday spirit.  Festive knickknacks are perched and placed on any available surface.

I myself have a snowman collection that I look forward to putting out every year.  Every year I get them out, set them in a group, then stop to ponder how I’m going to place all of them in the house.  I want to sprinkle the holiday cheer into every room, but some areas are less inhabited by guests (or even ourselves), so I’m left contemplating whether to put a sizeable Christmas character in that room.

One subtle way to display holiday spirit in your home is with artwork, either framed or mounted on a display board.  Pictures such as “Special Delivery” by Becca Barton, available as a 10” by 8” print, don’t take up much room and are fun ways to inject holiday flair into unexpected places.  At a very affordable price of $7.99, you can incorporate many holiday art pieces into your rustic home.  Happy decorating!

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