Benchmark Your Dining Table

Dining tables that are great indoors and outdoorsRaising children can be a very trying experience at times.  Toddlers, especially, can keep you constantly on edge with their unsteady explorations.  My youngest son has a penchant for climbing – on anything and everything, especially where he isn’t supposed to.  Sometimes I fear that I may faint when I discover his latest and greatest precipice.

Lately, one of the pieces of furniture he absolutely can’t leave alone are the chairs around the dining room table.  Likely a result of watching his older brother, he finds pushing the chairs all over the hardwood floor to be irresistible.  Of course, he has to stop every few feet to climb up on the chair to view the house from a new vantage point.  This has become so much of a habit that I’ve been forced to either turn the chairs over or remove them from the dining room altogether.

While “window shopping” on Barnwood furniture websites recently, I found the perfect solution to curb my miniature chair pusher’s habits.  The Hawk Creek Rustic Alder Trestle Table is not only a handsome relic, but its sturdiness and matching benches would leave my little wondering where to find a furniture dolly so he can move it.  This table and benches, constructed of circle cut alder wood, provides plenty of seating for a family of four.  I suppose the only fear with this table set is finding my 14-month-old standing on top of it, chuckling gleefully as I fall to the floor in a swoon.  Toddlers are not for the faint of heart.

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