Sweater Season

Your bedroom could use armoiresIf you are like me, you are frequently challenged with how to stash away all of the “stuff” you’ve managed to accumulate.  For us, two kids have added quite a bit to our need for storage.  Organization seems to go out the door as every available nook and cranny gets filled with clothes, toys, or some other “necessary” items.

Wintertime is an especially difficult time.  In climates like the Midwest, where coats, hats, scarves, mittens, and boots are essential winter attire, it can be a feat of real expertise to find a location for the family to keep their clothing.  Even though these essentials are not worn for very long each time, they need to be readily accessible each time someone goes out the door.

The same is true for sweaters.  Tucked away under the bed during the warmer months, these woven symbols of winter attire fall into heavy use in the weekly clothing rotation as the temperature drops.  Because of their bulkiness and inability to tolerate a hanger without losing shape, sweaters can be a challenging storage conundrum.

An armoire is a piece of furniture designed for such a purpose.  The rustic Country Roads Armoire, fashioned with reclaimed wood from barns, churches, and other historic structures, provides plenty of space for storing your winter apparel.  Placed near the front door, this durable piece can offer spacious coat storage with drawers for hats and mittens.  In the bedroom, its ample interior provides a visually appealing solution for your sweater storage issues.  For the price of $1,696.00, this armoire will help you stay organized through the long months of winter.

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