Rustic Relic in an Urban Environment

Classic side boards for a modern roomI just happen to live in an area known to be the fastest growing community in the state.  I grew up in a small town just to the west of where my current address is, so I have seen the surrounding landscape change drastically in the past few years.  Where corn and soybeans once flourished, new homes are sprouting up everywhere.  The green pastures that were home to grazing herds of cattle now boast lush lawns with manicured landscaping.

Driving through these new neighborhoods, one occasionally encounters a relic of days gone by, when the countryside was only populated by the occasional farmer in his field or city slicker out for a drive.  One such landmark, about a mile from my doorstep, is a quaint little country church that is still in use today.  The members of the congregation are steadfast in preserving the historic structure.  A proposed new interchange will connect the nearby interstate to my steadily growing community.  The construction zone for the road has endangered the church’s current location.  In an effort to keep the historic house of worship, plans are underway to move the little church to a safer location some distance away.  It warms my heart to know that some folks still care enough about history to go to great lengths to preserve it.

Sometimes it’s not price effective or prudent to keep entire structures in place, but they can still be preserved in a smaller scale.  Using wood reclaimed from historic buildings to build furniture is a way to treasure the past in a more manageable form.  Discounted at $1,827.00, the Autumn Comfort Barnwood Side Board with Wine Cabinet is a beautiful way to bring a rustic barn into an urban setting while highlighting its weathered character.  The next time you go for a drive through a newly developed neighborhood, keep an eye out for rustic relics and take the opportunity to appreciate the historical significance of the area.

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