Rustic Reclaimed Storage Solution

Cupboards are great anywhere in the houseI have a special affinity for furniture that is multi-functional.  I get a thrill out of going to consignment stores, antique shops, and second-hand supermarkets, then walking away with a bargain that I plan to repurpose for my own use.  My creative right brain delights in searching for pieces that can take on an entirely new life with a purpose not originally intended.

As I’m sure most people have experienced, storage never seems ample enough in a home.  Collections of treasured trinkets often beg for a space that allows the pieces to openly admired by onlookers yet securely keeps them together in one location.  Display cabinets enclosed with glass often are the first choice that comes to mind, but are not always the best choice for homes with small children and active pets.

The Reclaimed Barnwood Jelly Cupboard is a perfect solution for storing treasured collections.  This rustic all-wood cupboard is fashioned from reclaimed Barnwood for storing canned goods such as jelly and jam.  Items can be stashed away on the five shelves inside and the door can be closed to hide them away.  If you prefer to proudly display the contents on the shelves, place the jelly cupboard in such a way as to leave the door open, perhaps draping an interesting piece of fabric over it for a softening effect, and enjoy a rustic storage and display cabinet for your collections. For the low price of $375.90, you receive a rustic multi-purpose storage solution.

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