Cozy Quarters for Your Little Cowboy

Sturdy Bunk Beds for Little CowboysWhen I was a child, I thought cowboys were some of the most interesting characters I ever read about or watched on television.  Growing up in the Midwest, livestock wranglers were not as commonplace as they were in the open grazing areas of the West.  “Real” cowboys seemed to be mythical creatures that rode horses and herded cattle all day, singing songs and playing guitars and bedding down under the stars with their faithful canine companions at night.

As I’ve grown, I have come to the conclusion that cowboys are still very intriguing, although now I know they can live a lonely and desolate existence.  Their characteristic broad-brimmed hats and high-heeled boots are found in nearly every city and every state, and the definition of what makes a “real” cowboy is very loose.  Many of them do ride horses and are constantly accompanied by a dog or two, but most spend their sleeping hours tucked away in a nice cozy bed, surrounded by a roof and the secure walls of their house.

It is still fun to pretend that we are living the life of our favorite Western characters.  We can do this by decorating our homes with rustic accessories and outfitting our bedroom with simple yet sturdy furniture.  Children are especially adept at playing make-believe and have an uncanny ability to bring the details of cowboy stories to life.  When it’s time to put the ten-gallon hat in the closet, ditch the boots beside the bed, and hang the six shooters on the door, your little cowboy can drift away to sweet dreams in a rustic bunk bed that brings a smile to the face of even the staunchest cowboy.  Log beds like the Black Mountain Barnwood Bunk Bed that’s shown in the photo above is priced at $1,837 and is the perfect quarters to house up to two little cowboys.

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