Weather or Not to Paint Your Furniture

Weathered Finish Furniture is Good for Vintage DesignsAsk my husband and he will tell you:  I have a problem.  Actually, don’t ask him…he will probably give you a list.  He and I do agree on at least one of my vices:  I like to collect “projects”.  They sit in the garage, or the basement, or some nook or cranny, and collect dust while waiting for me to work on them.  I have been known for this slight defect since I was just a kid.  My father used to huff and puff over my latest clump of weeds drying upside-down from the shed’s rafters or the rolls of barbed wire I had carefully collected and piled in an organized heap behind the shed.  This collecting might be okay, except that only about a quarter of my projects ever see a completion date.

One of my success stories is a baker’s rack that I found on a curb in our neighborhood.  The owners no longer wanted it, presumably, because it was wobbly and it looked as though a mad dog or hungry child had gnawed on one of the legs.  However, I saw the rack as a diamond in the rough and promptly loaded it into the back of the truck and hauled it home.  Where it sat.  In the garage.   For two months.

Then, one day, I overheard my husband offering my rack up to a friend of his.  I knew that if I was to save it, I had to act quickly.  A week later, I had sanded, crackle painted, and antiqued the rack so it didn’t even resemble the dilapidated former version of itself.  I still proudly display that rack in our home, and now other wood furniture pieces are waiting in the garage for the same treatment.

If you desire to add a little color to your decor, or perhaps to bring some dimension and texture to your log furniture collection, consider either purchasing or refinishing some painted furniture.  By sanding and roughing up the paint, you instantly inject the rustic look that you love into the piece.  The Back Country Weathered Finish furniture is an attractive example of the unique look painted furniture can bring into your home.  Refinishing furniture can be a lot of work, work that is easily avoided by purchasing a piece that already has an aged, well-loved look.  You can start your painted furniture collection here for just $650.

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