Bringing the Beverages Barside

Share drinks with guests with home barsI love fall weather.  The chill in the air, the need for jackets after sundown, gathering around a fire to chat with friends on autumn evenings.  Something in the fall air feels so crisp and fresh, but whispers a reminder that the cold days of winter are following on its heels.

As the nights get increasingly colder, the plummeting temperatures put an end to outdoor gatherings.  Evenings spent around the fire ring in the neighbor’s driveway give way to neighborhood assemblies in alternating living rooms.  Cold beers are traded in for warm drinks and coolers filled with ice are replaced by wine racks and liquor bottles.

When the winter wind is blowing and you want to spend some quality time with the neighbors, you can count on the Lonestar Rustic Barnwood Bar, priced at $2595, to serve up all of the beverages you need.  The rustic rough-sawn wood is reminiscent of Barnwood and is accented along the bar top with nailhead trim.  Storage for wine and liquor is readily available behind the bar, along with room for a small refrigerator if your guests still want to indulge in the colder drinks of summertime.  Pair this rustic bar with some barstools so the neighborhood barflies can gather around the watering hole.  Bring it on, Old Man Winter!

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