Backyard Barn

Compliment welcome signs with sign bracketsI love traveling the countryside by bicycle.  Not only is it great exercise, but it’s also an effective way to roll along at a pace that allows you to really see the scenery as you pass it by.  Walking or jogging also affords you such a privilege, but with a bicycle, you can cover a lot more ground in the same amount of time.

On one of my recent rides, I gathered some inspiration for a shed design from one of the backyards I passed.  Situated in the back corner of the yard was a shed that looked to be a miniature replica of a barn.  The builder had obviously reclaimed wood and used it to make the siding for the shed.  Not only was the little structure covered in the rustic lumber, but also batten boards were placed over the spaces between the barnwood boards.  I took note of the location of the shed and made plans to ride by quite often for more inspiration and to take mental notes on how to build my own backyard barn.

Reclaiming materials to build a shed can be a little tedious, but the result is quite worth the effort.  Find a warehouse close to you that sells windows and other architectural accessories salvaged from old buildings.  Dig through their collection and find a nice assortment to incorporate into your shed.  Shop for rustic decor that flatter your rustic structure, such as this wrought iron sign bracket that sells for $59.95.  Customize a sign to hang outside your shed door and add some personalization and charm to your outdoor space.  Decorate and accessorize your backyard barn as though it’s just a small-scale version of your house.  Have fun with the design and keep its main purpose in mind.  Congratulate yourself on the finished product that is both useful and responsible, built using reclaimed and salvaged materials. Last but not least, enjoy the fruit of your labor!

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