Root for the Rustic!

TV Stands offer better home entertainmentAs the chill of fall starts to creep into the late summer air, so does the excitement of one of America’s favorite sports seasons:  college football.  Full-grown men act like crazed boys as they turn their focus to sports news and fantasy football leagues.  Even we ladies have a passion for the game, especially when our favorite team is playing their biggest rival.  Where I live, the trash talk starts early for our in-state rival game.

My plans for our son’s first birthday party came to a screeching halt when my husband discovered that I was planning the event the same day as the Iowa versus Iowa State game.  Nothing must interfere with our state’s sacred game, as those who aren’t personally at the game crowd around television sets and radios, wherever we may be, to wait breathlessly as the plays unfold.  Cardinal-and-gold fans are pitted against black-and-gold as we taunt and jeer each other throughout four quarters.

Football is a sport that is mostly played during cold and sometimes unsavory weather conditions.  For many, it is a game best enjoyed from the comfort of one’s own living room.  The viewing platform is essential to the experience, and great care is taken in choosing the best TV and accessories.  The Black Mountain Reclaimed Barnwood TV Stand is perfect for the football fan that enjoys a rustic lifestyle.  The $1506 stand includes two storage areas, one on each side, and a unique sliding tray feature in its middle compartment.  Its sturdy construction is ready to take the inevitable beating when the raging football fan pounds his fist after a bad call or botched play.  Let’s go team!

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