Light Up Your Teak Wood

Teak Lamps go well with reclaimed woodI love to attend craft fairs and art shows, and it’s not just for the shopping.  I am always amazed to witness the depth of creativity and originality that some people possess.  Many items are very run-of-the-mill and found in various forms in many different locations.  Nevertheless, sometimes I run across artists who have come up with their own concept and created a unique brand.

Often, those artists who dare to be different only appeal to a limited number of buyers.  Depending on how edgy their design is, the artwork may not be suitable for display in the décor of most homes.  However, sometimes an artisan creates a line that generates buzz among many different types of buyers and is versatile for use in a variety of decors.

The GroovyStuff Teak Southern Lights Lamp is a truly unique piece of artwork that has appeal on so many levels.  It is crafted from teakwood harvested in Taiwan, then pieced together to make a one-of-a-kind lamp.  Every lampshade is painstakingly pieced together by hand and attached to a reclaimed wood base.  It makes a striking accent piece on a sofa table and is applicable in contemporary and country homes alike.  For the astoundingly low price of $353, this unique piece of reclaimed wood art can earn a place of distinction in your home.

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