Display Your Rustic Style with a Barnwood Frame

Mirrors look great in rustic framesOkay, I get it.  Shopping for rustic furniture can be a bit, well…disheartening.  The selection never disappoints and the beauty of the real wood furniture is breathtaking.  But, usually, so is the price.  For a family on a budget, it may seem like rustic decor is nothing but a dream.  However, by choosing some key accent pieces, you can showcase your affinity for reclaimed wood without spending a lot of money.

As you look at your existing space and the furniture that you currently have in your home, take note of where your eye travels.  Think about placing two or three accent pieces into the room that would draw the eye in visually and create a pleasing arrangement.  Those are the key areas to place your Barnwood furniture.

An area often overlooked in home decor is the space on the walls.  The Cottage Barnwood Mirror is available for $219 and may be purchased with or without a mirror inside the frame.  The reflection in a mirror can help a room to appear larger but may also distract the eye.  Instead, consider purchasing a piece of country or primitive artwork that fits inside the frame and accents the style you are wishing to showcase.  Add a Barnwood end table or TV stand to your living room and you have a rustic room for a fraction of the price.  Happy shopping!

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