A Rustic Bedroom Fit for a Queen

Queen bedroom packagesIt seems like everywhere I turn, I’m suddenly seeing an abundance of reclaimed wood furniture.  Greener building practices and an increased awareness over the impact each and every one of us has on our environment is driving the popular use of reclaimed wood in construction projects.  I have written before about my surprise in seeing a commercial for a local big-box furniture store that proclaimed a sale on reclaimed furniture.  My latest eyebrow-raising moment happened while I was watching an episode of the Nate Berkus Show.  Nate was featuring a special on home offices.

One of my favorite aspects of many decorating shows is the emphasis on creating a beautiful space for not a lot of money.  This feature was no exception, as Nate walked the audience through a makeshift home office and how it could be created into a useable, workable space without large furniture and accessory purchases.  At the heart of the office stood a DIY table, constructed with an assortment of plumbing pipes and topped off with a top built of reclaimed wood planks.

Metal and wood combine together to create very rustic lines.  They are often paired together in reclaimed furniture pieces.  A great example of this can be admired in the GroovyStuff Hill Country Teak Queen Bedroom Package.  The combination of wrought iron and reclaimed teak wood result in an extremely durable and attractive bedroom set.  Suitable for homes of nearly every decor, these pieces can be softened with muted colors and soft fabrics, or remain masculine in earth tones and minimal accessories.  This package can be purchased at an equally attractive $5,495 for six separate pieces.

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