Wear Your Boots to Bed

Bring your boots to the right bedsHave you ever pondered how strange the habits of some other people are?  And what constitutes those habits as “strange”?  We seem to love to explore those habits that we consider to be out of normal.  From 2002 to 2009, a very popular series of TV shows was dedicated to illustrating a character that displayed strange OCD tendencies.  Adrian Monk was a very effective detective, thanks to his superior attention to detail, even though his numerous phobias often irritated his cohorts.

I have oftentimes teased my cousin’s husband for a behavior that I consider to be abnormal.  He almost never removes his cowboy boots.  He walks right into the house with them on, sits in the recliner with his boots elevated in the air, even sits at the dinner table with his boots comfortably tucked away underneath.  I’ve often asked him if he sleeps with them on.

With the After Midnight Reclaimed Barnwood Leather Bed, you can take your boots to bed with you without actually wearing them.  The design of the leather panels in both the head- and footboards were inspired by a cherished pair of cowboy boots.  The design is hand cut from genuine brown leather and layered over one of four different backgrounds.  For the price of $1,515, you can wear your boots to bed and still have comfortable feet that breathe easily throughout the night.  To carry the theme further into your bedroom, check out the other pieces in the collection.

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