Reclaimed Furniture Has Gone Mainstream

Dining tables are best acquired in a setWith the exception of one “big game” night every year, television commercials are a part of the viewing experience that most people would like to avoid.  They interrupt our favorite programs and cost us many precious minutes during the course of a TV show.  They are so despicable that devices have been invented that help us to avoid watching commercials altogether.

I am one of the minority.  I like commercials.  For one, they can be very entertaining.  I get a good chuckle out of quite a few of them.  For another, I can stay abreast of all the newest products that I can’t live without.  And perhaps the biggest reason I like commercials…they give me an opportunity to hurriedly do chores during my favorite programs.  It’s amazing how much I can accomplish in the span of three minutes.

I’m also one of those people that likes to have background noise at all times, so I often have the TV on just for white noise.  I rarely pay much attention to what is on, but sometimes there will be a flash on the screen that catches my eye.  A small portion of a commercial grabbed my attention the other day.  A “big-box” furniture store in our area was advertising some of the pieces they have for sale, and in bright bold letters they flashed “reclaimed wood furniture” up on the screen.  I was surprised and stunned, all at the same time.  I have visited that store several times in the past, and not once did I see an authentic Barnwood dining table or bed.  Reclaimed furniture has gone mainstream!

Of course, it shouldn’t be a surprise to me.  A dining room set like the Cottage Barnwood Farmhouse is so beautiful, sturdy, and full of character that it should be on display in the big-box stores.  I only hope that the pieces my local store is offering have been crafted with the utmost of care by skilled American artisans, much like the table in this picture.  If you want to skip the store, go Cottage Barnwood Farmhouse Dining Table to order this table for $1,059 and have it shipped to your front door FREE!  Reclaimed furniture is all the rage, so make it easy on yourself…go mainstream without having to leave your TV and set foot in a furniture store!

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