County Fair Cool

Chests are useful everywhere!The months of July and August are host to some of my favorite summertime events, the county fairs.  Here in the Midwest, they are an exciting affair, lasting several days and offering many different opportunities for family fun.  Livestock shows and 4-H exhibits abound, and many open shows are held so adults can participate in some friendly competition.  Carnivals rides are almost a staple for a county fair, along with some good outdoor fun like truck pulls and demolition derbies.

One of the first stops I make at the fair is the exhibition hall.  Not only is that usually the only air-conditioned place to escape the summer heat, but I delight in seeing all of the talent and creativity the local county residents demonstrate.  Beautiful photographs, delicious-looking baked goods, carefully crafted clothing, and hand-finished woodworking items are just some of the exhibits on display.

Some of my favorite projects are when 4-H and FFA members take an interest in an old barn or building and reclaim the wood to make a piece of furniture out of it.  The Back Country Weathered Finish 5 Drawer Chest is an example of how weathered and beat-up wood can be used to make a beautiful dresser.  The primitive paint colors are reminiscent of the hues available to furniture makers many years ago.  If you prefer to buy a well-used piece of wood furniture rather than make it yourself, this chest can be yours for $1,349.  Either purchased or handcrafted, this chest would indeed make a very cool exhibit at the local county fair.

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