Trailer Load of Treasures

Spacious armoires are ideal for storageHave you ever been driving down the interstate when a vehicle ahead of you catches your attention?  It may be unique in look or style, or maybe you’re intrigued by what is loaded on a semi-truck.  This happens to me very often, and I usually try to maneuver through traffic to get a better look and (hopefully) satisfy my curiosity.

On a recent short stint on the highway, I detected an unorthodox load on a semi trailer.  The first glance revealed several bundles of flat, used-looking materials.  I had to get a closer look, and stepped on the accelerator to pull even with the truck.   As I tried to keep my vehicle tracking straight on the road while I inspected the bundles on the trailer, it dawned on me that the materials were reclaimed barn boards.

That was the first time I’ve seen a trailer load of barn boards being transported.  I have witnessed barns in various stages of disassembly and the beautiful works of art crafted from reclaimed wood.  The Cottage Barnwood 3 Drawer Armoire is just one treasure created from reclaimed barnwood.  Built from Red Oak planks rescued from 1800’s tobacco barns, this armoire is an elegant addition for any room of the house.  For the price of $1899, this rustic furniture piece offers plenty of storage with three robust drawers and a spacious top compartment.

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