The Universal Language

These Dartboards come complete with everything you need for a fun gameHere in the Midwest, we enjoy things like pop, Salted Nut Rolls, sweet corn right out of the field, and a game we call “cornhole”.  It wasn’t until I moved away to other parts of the country that I realized we had our own lingo in the Heartland of the United States.  Suddenly I was teased about drinking pop instead of soda.  The first fall we were living out East, I made a batch of sweet and salty mix to share with some friends.  I told them the peanut-y, caramel-y, salty goodness was Salted Nut Roll mix, a replication of the popular Midwestern candy treat.  They looked at me quizzically and told me it tasted like a Payday bar.  And so I began to learn about the differences in regional language.

It wasn’t long after the trail mix debacle that I was at a NASCAR race with some friends.  They pulled out some tailgating games and I recognized a favorite.  “Cornhole!” I cried.  Again, the quizzical look that was closely followed by some sarcastic Iowa comment.  Another lesson for me…they call it “bags” in other parts of the country.  The crazy Midwestern girl was the butt of yet another set of good-natured jokes.

The one game that seems to have the same nametag wherever I go is the good old-fashioned dartboard.  Depending on its surroundings, it can take on many different personas but at its core it always remains the same.  Whiskey also seems to have the same moniker in nearly every state.  Only its ingredients vary (I’ve been told that we in the corn capital of the U.S. are wasting our crop when it could be generating some very high-quality beverages).  What better way to enjoy two long-standing traditions than by combining them into a rustic dartboard cabinet?  The Rustic Whiskey Barrel Dartboard contains a dartboard, scoreboard, metal-tip darts, and a cabinet crafted out of an authentic reclaimed whiskey barrel.  For just $549, you can have a game that speaks a universal language.

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