Stashing the Stuff

Quilt boxes can be used for storage of so many thingsI hate to admit it, but I’m a stasher and a stacker of stuff.  Anyone who visits my house will tell you that I use flat surfaces as holding areas for neatly stacked piles.  It’s a habit that started long ago, and it has not improved at all over the years.  However, I have found some creative ways to make my stacks and stashes appear neater and less apparent.

Papers and bills are among the easiest accumulations to control.  I have some decorated cans near the garage door… my husband and I each have one for our magazines, and there is a third can for the bills.  Taking the time to sort through the contents of the cans and either filing, throwing, or designating the papers to a different purpose helps to keep them under control.  I also have a habit of clipping coupons, recipes, and decorating ideas out of magazines.  Making a commitment to stashing them away in their appropriate binders goes a long ways towards keeping the piles down to a manageable level.

With the addition of our two little boys, toys have become an integral part of our home décor.  Finding attractive places to store the toys while keeping them accessible for the kids can become quite a challenge.  Shelves and bins are logical solutions, as well as chests, totes, baskets, and boxes.

If you are a “stuff” collector like me, you can certainly appreciate a neat and tidy way to stash things away.  The Groovy Stuff Reclaimed Teak Wood Box is a perfect storage solution for many different contents.  Because it is made of teak wood, it is naturally resilient to weather conditions and insects.  This box has the distinct advantage of being as home outdoors as it is indoors.  Add some castors to its underside, and you can store toys in its interior.  Wheel it outside for play during the day, and then back inside for the evening hours.  If you choose to give it a permanent residence outdoors for stashing away your lawn and garden “stuff”, know that the wood will naturally develop a grey cast as it weathers.  This is perfectly natural, but if you prefer more of the brown wood tone, you can brighten it up with a coat of Briwax.  Indoor use will keep the teak looking more radiant and the Briwax applications will be few and far between.

If you are looking for a great way to stash your indoor and outdoor “stuff”, click on over to JHE’s Log Furniture Place and order this trunk for $475.  Shipping to your front door is completely free.  A small price to pay for a trunk with so many possibilities!

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