Combine the Usual to Create the Unusual

These pub tables look great indoors or outdoorsOnce a year, a large exposition comes through our town.  It highlights products and services that are used in home décor and improvement, gardening and landscaping.  Homeowners from all over the city and adjacent areas attend the show, shopping for their next home investment project.

One of the vendors at the show received some press when the news media spotlighted them for an evening news story.  The dialogue and video caught my attention as they talked about this local business that makes a profit out of reclaiming old architecture and using those parts and pieces to make new and improved furniture and home décor accents.  The owners of the establishment gather salvaged pieces from all over the United States and even foreign countries.  The inventory is categorized and housed in an old four-story building for all to shop and appreciate.

Vendors such as this make it easy for those with a creative eye to find ordinary pieces from different sources, then combine them together to create a very unusual piece of furniture with plenty of pizzazz.  One such piece is the Outlaw Barrel Pub Table.  What could be a very usual, run-of-the-mill pub table has a wow factor that is amped up with the addition of horseshoes, spurs, rifles, and wrought iron.  All of these typically unrelated pieces seamlessly surround a reclaimed solid oak whiskey barrel that is topped off with a uniquely crafted wood and metal tabletop.  This table, available for $1,942.50, is definitely a conversation piece that will bring a large amount of unusual into your home.

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