Double Duty Desk

Use Writing Desks for your Laptops tooIt is sometimes funny how life’s situations can change your outlook.  When it came to furniture, I used to gravitate most towards the things that I liked the look of and I could afford (not necessarily in that order).  As time went on, furniture shopping became more about finding pieces that were comfortable, fit in with my home’s décor, and were tasteful and attractive.  The price tag became less of an issue.

Now, since having children, I have experienced a large shift in the way I view new purchases.  I really appreciate things that can multi-task.  For both of my boys, I chose a high chair that attaches to an existing chair, reclines for the very young infant, then converts to a booster seat when the baby reaches toddler status.  The bouncy seat for our youngest turns into a rocking chair when he decides he is ready to sit like a big boy.  Our dining room table, with its glass top, doubles as an art desk.  When my toddler son gets his crayons and paint out, I don’t have to stress about him ruining the tabletop with colors that won’t wash away.

The Homestead Barnwood Laptop and Writing Desk is one of those multi-tasking pieces of barnwood furniture.  Not only does it look cool because it’s made out of reclaimed Barnwood, but (as its name suggests) it doubles as both a writing and laptop desk.  The single drawer under the desktop can hold writing supplies or can be slid out, flipped over, and used as a sturdy surface for your laptop.  Even when flipped over with a standard-sized laptop on board, the drawer can easily be tucked away under the desk.  Its small footprint and unobtrusive size make it an easy addition to any part of your house.  Double duty doesn’t have to mean double the cost…this little rustic piece of American history can be yours for only $349.

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