Bucket Garden

Planters that suit the rustic style gardenOne of the many joys of summertime is planting vegetables, watching them grow, and harvesting them when the time is right.  Of course, none of that compares to finally eating those garden-fresh vegetables that have an extraordinary crunch and flavor that can’t be found in the produce purchased at your local grocery store.  When grown at home, a garden can be a learning opportunity for your kids and peace of mind for you, since you know exactly what products were used on the plants as they grew to the peak of ripeness.

Planning the location, size, and content of a garden can be quite a challenge.  This is especially the case for someone who rents, does not have a suitable yard, or does not want to tear up or kill any of the existing sod in order to have a garden.  If you fall into one of these categories, research whether there is a community garden in your area, or if someone in your vicinity would be willing to rent out a piece of their land so you can raise a garden.  If none of these is an option, container gardens may provide you with enough area to grow some of the vegetables you most want.

Growing a garden in a pot may take a little more planning than the traditional layout.  First determine the growing seasons of the vegetables you want to grow.  Some veggies, like radishes, have a short growing season  After you harvest the radishes, you have time to plant, grow, and harvest another short-growing vegetable before the summer is over.  Sometimes different vegetable types do well living in harmony, like leaf lettuce and radishes.  The lettuce is harvested just above the ground and does not disturb the radish root vegetables.

If you love rustic decor and are in the market for some containers in which to grow your little garden, check out the Groovy Stuff Teak Wood Farmers Bucket Planter.  This tough little guy is made of reclaimed teak wood and will stand up beautifully to a filling of soil, daily waterings, and variable environmental conditions while still presenting you with a bountiful harvest at the end of the season.  At the affordable price of $169 each, you can buy enough planters to make an interesting outdoor classroom for your kids and a nice healthy harvest for your dinner table.

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