Cover-Worthy Coffee Table

Coffee tables with a rustic characterHave you ever picked up a copy of a home decorating magazine and glanced through the pictures with awe?  Some of the most beautiful rooms, furniture, and accessories I’ve ever seen reside in those glossy photos.  I am always humbled by the creativity and eye for design that some people have.  Of course, I’m also thankful for those visionary people and the magazines they work for, because they are the purveyors of some really useful ideas that we can all incorporate into our own homes.

I also love how the magazines usually put a list of the items from the photos in the back of the magazine, along with their price and where you can look to find one of your own.  Those lists make shopping pretty darn easy, which I’m sure is their intended purpose.  Usually the only items not included in the back of the magazine are those that reside in the coveted cover image.  Those pieces get their own writeup, usually located somewhere around the table of contents.

Ah, the cover photo.  That is a prestigious piece of real estate.  Browsing customers are lured to pick up, leaf through, and then buy the magazine, largely in part to what they see on the cover.  Only the most beautiful pieces of furniture and attractive accessories find their way onto the outside of the magazine.

The Wyoming Reclaimed Barnwood Coffee Table is one of those pieces of furniture that is suitable to stun prospective buyers with its beauty and class.  This is a coffee table that exudes rustic character and classic elegance through its breathtaking exhibition of reclaimed Wyoming barn wood.  Even though it may typically be characterized as country decor, this would make a perfect addition to virtually any style of home.  With the attractive price of $519 and free shipping, adding this cover-worthy coffee table to your home is pretty and easy.

Add the Wyoming Reclaimed Barnwood Coffee Table to your living room for only $519.00 from this page.

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