The Family Centerpiece

Dining tables should always be the center of attentionThere is a commercial running in my area that focuses on the dining room table.  Images of a busy family flash across the screen as the narrator talks about how the dinner table is the centerpiece of the family.  It is the place where you cautiously offer your baby his first spoonful of food, then where your precocious toddler throws his food, and eventually where your entire family gathers together for meals.  The dining room table is a common place for your kids’ friends to gather, for art projects to transpire, where complicated math homework is conquered.  It may even be the place where you write out letters to friends and family, figure the checkbook, put piles of clothes after you fold them and before you stash them away in their respective dressers.

Of course, we love our families and the hustle and bustle that comes along with them.  We may not love the mud that those kids track into our dining room, but we still don’t hesitate to serve up snacks and drinks for our kids and their friends.  We want the centerpiece of our family to offer the same kind of unconditional devotion that we mothers have for our children.  Dining room tables from the big box stores can’t withstand the rigors of a busy family.  They break, chip, crack, scratch and fall apart under the pressure.  Our centerpiece should be solid and sturdy and have the same amount of character as our youngest jokester son.

This is the description of a reclaimed Barnwood table.  It is built with the same timber that has kept a barn standing for decades, and proudly shows the scars that prove it.  It can put up with scissors and crayons and paint and still show up in its Sunday best for a formal family dinner.  The Cottage Barnwood Harvest Dining Table offers all of these characteristics with the added bonus of seating flexibility.  Choose from five different sizes and add benches, armchairs, or plain dining chairs to suit your family configuration best.  This table will be the perfect centerpiece for your family, from the first spoonful of food you offer your baby to the day that baby’s baby takes his first bite.

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  • Cherry says:

    What a beautiful rustic table! I agree, families spend a lot of time gathered around the dining room table, for one reason or another. Reclaimed wood furniture creates the perfect setting for all of the hubbub.

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