Steer Clear of Veneer

You won't regret getting nightstands made of reclaimed woodLet’s be honest…reclaimed Barnwood furniture is expensive.  The price tag can be quite a  detractor for people who might otherwise readily welcome rescued barn wood furniture into their homes.  However, one must realize there are legitimate reasons for those hefty price tags.

Solid wood furniture like the Antler and Barnwood Nightstand is an investment that pays for itself over the course of time.  Consider the process that each rustic piece goes through before it arrives at your doorstep.  First, the timber spends a good many years as an integral part of an outdoor structure.  It becomes seasoned and hardened, enduring wind, weather, and scars from the activities and animals that it shelters.  Then, the lumber is carefully taken off the barn piece by piece and transported to a storage facility where it is inspected and selected for a specific use.  Once enough is collected for a piece of furniture, artisans cut and assemble it entirely by hand.  If a finish or accessories are to be applied, that is also completed with individual attention to detail.  A lot of time is spent on a single piece to ensure its quality is supreme and that it will achieve many years of stability and usefulness.  Caring human hands touch reclaimed Barnwood furniture many times before it leaves the shop where it was built.

On the other hand, furniture from the big box stores carries a much smaller and seemingly more affordable price tag.  It may look great when you first bring it home, but before long it is showing considerable wear and tear.  I have a nightstand that is made of particle board and veneer.  Sure, it looks like Barnwood from a distance.  At closer inspection, however, its appearance is not so pretty and the wood grain is obviously fake.  Even though it is only about two years old, the surface where I put my water bottle every night is becoming very worn and the particle board underneath is beginning to show through.  There are mysterious cracks in the headboard of the bed that matches the nightstand.  When the air becomes humid, the plywood and particle board swell under the veneer and crack it.  Gaps have appeared in some areas where the robots didn’t drill holes in the right area and the pieces aren’t fitting right as a result.  In a few more years, this seemingly affordable bedroom set is really going to be showing the wear and tear and will be coming close to the end of its useful life.

Even though rustic Barnwood furniture seems like a big splurge, it is actually much less expensive over time than its big box counterpart.  If you consider the useful life of solid wood that has been completely seasoned before it is crafted into furniture, you will find that it FAR exceeds the lifespan of its particle board and veneer cousin.  Next time you are shopping for furniture, keep that simple fact in mind and try to steer clear from the veneer.  You won’t be sorry.

Check out the Antler and Barnwood Nightstand for more details and you’ll  see that the discounted price of $695.00 is worth it.

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  • Cherry says:

    I’m all about investments, and that’s what quality log furniture is all about. If I’m given the choice of putting my hard-earned money into a slot machine and pulling the arm a few times in the attempt to ring up a winner, or to put it into an interest-bearing account where I’m guaranteed to make money over the long run, I’m going to choose the latter. Log furniture earns interest. It stays sturdy and strong, continues to look as good as new through the years and stands up to the test of time. That, my friends, is a sound investment of your money.

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