Rolling in the Rustic

Planters make it that much easier to get work doneAh, the season of spring!  Warm weather, greening grass, delicate flower blossoms, cheerful birds chirping.  It’s like a rebirth every year when the buds of the trees start pushing their way out to the ends of the branches.  Spring fever sets in and many of us make our way to the local gardening stores to pick out our flowered friends for our gardens, beds, and pots.

Spring may also bring on a different kind of rebirth.  Sometimes major cleaning projects get underway, and demolition of old sheds or garages or outbuildings is at the top of the “honey do” list.  While their removal makes way for a fresh new view or location for a new garden, the issue pervades of what to do with the wood and materials left over from the demolition of those buildings.  Obvious possibilities are to burn it or take it to the dump.  Or, perhaps, salvage some of the wood and reuse it for other projects.

Flower beds are an ideal location to used reclaimed wood.  Resourceful gardeners can use the boards to make hardscape planters that provide some vertical interest to a garden that otherwise may just draw the eyes horizontally.  Accent pieces like the Rustic Wagon Planter can be situated on patios or the front stoop and occupied with pretty pots of flowers or herbs.  This planter can be sawed and nailed together by an inspired DIYer, but is also available for purchase through JHE’s Log Furniture Place at a very affordable price.  For a minimal amount of effort, a touch of reclaimed wood can be added to your outdoor decor, showcasing your love for all things rustic.  Once this wagon planter is sitting on your doorstep, the compliments will start rolling in.

2 Responses to “Rolling in the Rustic”

  • Cherry says:

    I absolutely adore spring! It is the perfect time to bring rustic decor outside the home instead of keeping it isolated inside. This little wagon is a perfect example. Thank you for sharing!

  • kiml says:

    Hi Cherry,

    Yes, spring is my favorite season! The wagon is a great addition to any house and adds character to all porches or flower beds. Thanks for visiting!

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