A Connoisseur of Contour

Have fun sitting around artistic benches like theseBack in my grade school days, art was my favorite subject.  When I was a kid I would make endless sketches on whatever I could find to write on, and I did not discriminate between using a pen, pencil, or even a crayon as my medium.  Art class was a way to expand my creativity with the opportunity to use so much more than pen and paper.

I remember one of the most abstract and challenging assignments we were given.  The project was a contour drawing, and the goal was to look at a live subject, touch writing utensil to paper, and draw without ever lifting the pen or taking your eyes off the subject.  So, basically, you make a “blind” drawing that is quite loopy and abstract.  It may seem difficult in theory, but it’s actually a refreshing way to exercise the right side of the brain.  Often the results are quite surprising and pleasing.  Some famous artists have even sold their contour pieces for high amounts of money.

If you are a connoisseur of contour art, you will appreciate the lines of the Groovy Stuff Reclaimed Teak Root Bench.  Teak tree roots have been hand selected, sanded and cut, then strategically placed along the back of this bench.  The finished product has the same carefree and abstract feel of a contour drawing.  Unlike a piece of fine paper art, this bench can be used either in or out of doors, thanks to the naturally occurring oils in teak wood that enable it to withstand a variety of environmental conditions.  This rustic reclaimed wood bench is even a suitable spot for you to sit on while you make your own contour drawings.

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