Resolution for a Rustic New Year

Any TV would look great on these entertainment centersThe beginning of every year marks the time when many Americans have declared their resolution for the New Year.  Most of the resolutions will have gone out the window by the time February arrives.  However, people understandably proud of their determination and resolve will see some of them through.

The vast majority of resolutions involve losing weight and eating right.  Those are definitely commendable goals.  But what if you want to be different and choose a resolution that half of the rest of the country doesn’t also have?  After all, the gyms are stuffed full in January.  You may want to avoid that surge of traffic.

Why not resolve to redecorate your home this year?  Your goal may be as simple as repainting the walls to a new color, or you can go for the gusto and replace furniture, flooring and all.  If you are diving into a big project, consider if you want to keep the same decorating style as you have had in the past or if you want to make a statement with something new and fresh.  The rustic decorating style is one that suits many different tastes.  The casual country feel is comfortable and mixes well with other styles that may be in your home.  The Black Mountain Reclaimed Barnwood Entertainment Center is constructed of wood that has been rescued from decades old barns and upcycled into beautiful furniture.  When paired together with earthtone wall paint and hardwood floors, rustic barnwood furniture will help your house to feel like a home.  Who wouldn’t want a cozier home to come home to in 2012?  Best of all, you can do your shopping online and avoid all the New Year traffic that is heading to the gym.

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