Measurable Snowfall

Snow fall gauges are fun when watching the snow fall come downWintertime is a drab season for decorating.  Once Christmas is over and the excitement of the holidays is done, there are still many weeks of snow, cold weather, and short daylight left before spring fever sets in.  It can be a time when it is easy to “hibernate”, stay in the house where it’s warm and wait the cold weather out.

However, it is also a time to be celebrated.  After living in areas that had little to no winter season, I’m almost enjoying being back in the Midwest where the snowfall mounts and the mercury dips well into the single digits and below.  Living in a place that has four distinct seasons is a joy.  Each one brings its unique excitement and challenges.

The Wrought Iron Snowflake Snow Fall Gauge is a whimsical way to celebrate a good old-fashioned snowfall.  Kids will delight in checking the depth of the snow after Old Man Winter blows through.  Place the gauge in an area that can’t be seen from a window, then have each family member guess how much snow has fallen.  The winner (according to the gauge) can make the first snow angel in the yard or take the first run down the sledding hill.  Making games out of snowfall will help the family look forward to the recesses of winter.  With all of that fun, spring will come around before any of you know it.  Then it will be time to exchange the snow gauge with one that measures rain and the measuring guessing game can begin all over again for a new season.

2 Responses to “Measurable Snowfall”

  • Cherry says:

    What a great way to extend rustic decor to outside the house! We are always looking for unique elements to incorporate to both our interior and the landscape around the exterior of our home. Not to mention, what a fun game the snowfall guessing would be! I will have to go out and get one of these for our family right away.

  • kiml says:

    Hi Cherry,

    Thanks for the wonderful comment! Hope you enjoy the upcoming winter months!

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