Wheel Cool Coffee Table

These wood coffee tables will grab the attention of your visitorsMy husband still surprises me, even after we have been together for 8 years.  He’s a guys’ guy…watches football, hunts cute little woodland animals, only gets up early willingly when there is a motorcycle ride scheduled for the day.

So, the first time I (jokingly) asked if he wanted to accompany me to a craft show, I was shocked when he accepted.  I could not imagine he would have any interest in an activity that draws an overwhelmingly female crowd.  My only hope was that he would not get bored and want to leave a half hour after we had arrived.  After all, I can spend hours perusing crafts and trinkets.

My guy’s interest in craft events started when we lived in Georgia.  I drug him with me to an outdoor show.  Once he was there and discovered all of the food booths and the magic show, he was hooked.  After some root beer and a fried pie, his mind was open to checking out all of the treasures available to purchase.  He actually enjoyed the day and all of the handmade treasures.  In fact, he was so impressed by the whole affair that he went home and told some of his “manly” buddies about it…of course with an emphasis on how much good food he’d eaten.

Our most recent craft show outing was indoors and did not include as many food vendors.  Somewhat discouraged, he still kept an upbeat attitude and pushed his way through the crowd with me.  One booth in particular piqued his attention, and mine as well.  The merchant was a man who had constructed several different pieces of furniture out of reclaimed wood.  The centerpiece of his booth was a coffee table fashioned from an old feed cart.  Where there are usually legs, this table had old steel wheels.

It was truly a unique piece and drew a lot of attention from fairgoers, along with all the other pieces of rustic reclaimed furniture.  Reclaimed wood tables like the Cottage Barnwood Open Coffee Table, can draw “oh’s” and “ah’s” from visitors and discerning husbands alike…especially when good food can be served from them.

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