Stumped About the Perfect Christmas Gift?

Everybody loves to get log furniture, after allChristmas gift shopping can be a very rewarding experience.  When you find the “perfect” gift for someone on your list, it can be quite a thrill to witness their excitement when they open it.  The true gift of Christmas is in giving someone a present and seeing the recipient of your carefully chosen gift light up with a smile and maybe even shed a tear of happiness.

However, finding a gift that will elicit such a delightful response can very exhausting.  A good listening ear throughout the year will give you some ideas come Christmastime.  You must be prudent in writing those tidbits down so you can remember them months later.  Or, perhaps you are out and about in the summertime and you find an item that instantly makes one of your friends or family members come to mind.  You can either purchase the gift then or make note and return later in the year to take it home for holiday gift-wrapping.

If you have someone on your list that is difficult to buy for and you are stumped about what to purchase, the Groovy Stuff Teak Stump Seats are a great solution.  Almost anyone can find a use for a piece that is constructed of reclaimed wood useful both indoors and out, and can double as a small side table or as a seat.  The 24” stool (pictured) is especially handy as a multi-purpose table, portable seat, and occasionally as a step stool.

This holiday, don’t tire yourself out needlessly.  For those hard-to-buy-for people on your list, fire up your computer and surf on over to the JHE’s Log Furniture Place website.  Not only do you not have to fight the crowds at the mall, you can find a beautiful piece of rustic log furniture that ships free (in most cases) right to your front door.  The only work you will have to put into it is wrapping it with a big bow and attaching a gift card.  Then you can sit back and receive the real gift of Christmas.

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